5G Network is not the cause of COvid-19


Following the latest debate about 5G radiation and end of the world closely for the past few weeks I have seen confusion even among top brilliant minds on this recent events that has taken the world by storm.

As a computer scientist I can freely comments on 5G network and it important to man kind.

The 5G is an improved technology that provides a platform for International networking and artificial intelligence. The 5G is a type of radiation within the safe zone on the electromagnetic spectrum and is therefore, non-ionizing radiation. It is NOT harzadous and falls within the same category or zone as microwaves, radio frequency, and visible light. Radiation that is harmful to health and causes direct physical injuries, genetic effects, DNA or RNA damage, teratogenic effects/congenital anomalies, oncogenesis/carcinogenesis or tumorigenesis & cancer is classified as ionizing radiation. Large doses of radiation can cause cell death following indirect interraction with intracellular fluids or water molecules in the body. When there is such radiation exposure, it may lead to acute radiation syndrome; with clinical manifestation such as nausea, vomition and diarrhoea which manifestly differ from the symptoms of COVID 19, which is more respiratory with classical dypsnea or pneumonia like symptoms. Radiation effects can also be chronic, manifesting many years after exposure by giving rise to varied forms of cancer.
Generally, children and younger adults are more sensitive & susceptible to ionizing radiation effects unlike the subject of fatalities in COVID 19. Suffice to say also that ionizing radiation is not a contagion, neither does exposed individuals become contagious. That is to say, exposure does not operate a pattern of incubation &/or transmission like COVID 19 and therefore, cannnot lead to mass accute, sporadic mortalities.
Examples of harmful ionizing radiation are such as found in linear accelerators used in radiotherapy (teletherapy & brachytherapy), X-rays, radioactive sources, nuclear substances/materials etcetera.
There are a number of international bodies such as the international commission on Radiological protection, International Atomic Energy Agency etc that are mandated to ensure radiation protection/safety of the public, occupational workers & patients. These bodies ensure best practices and will not allow operations that impact health negatively. So, embrace the 5G technology without fear when it is finally here.


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