Ladies take it to heart that when you marry a man on the altar of God, your marriage is everlasting. So make sure you accept the beast before killing the animal.

Men stop looking at the wife of other people because not even the court can separate what God has joined together.

The Court only have right over court wedding so singles make your decision now.

The Bible make us to understand that he who marry a divorced woman is a sinner and sinner will not make heaven. Men, do not marry a divorced woman out of pity.

If you’re a man and you are frustrating your wife with beating so she can file a divorce, know that when you die the devil will wed you to one of his beast in hell and force you to make babies as well.

The Bible made it clear that you are not permitted to divorce your wife even if she commits adultery because you will only make her commit more and the sin will be on your head.

So my question is, is marriage a bondage?

By Kenny