Seriously I have gotten frustrated with my husband inability to satisfy me in bed, am so tempted to go out and satisfy myself with someone else.

Before I met him, he had dated someone I knew, who spoke well of how good he was in bed and he also assured me of his ability of satisfying a woman in bed when we met. At the time we met he had given his life to Christ and took it seriously, he kept turning down my attempts to make love with him, saying we should wait after marriage. I stood by him because I love him and also became a serious christian too

After marriage, the first time we made love was so disappointing, I thought it was just not one of his best days or maybe his tired but it continued like that every time we made love for 3 years now, am tired.

I feel so trap and want to leave the marriage but am deeply involved in church activities and leadership, am scared of what they will say.

What is even worst is my husband seem to make no attempt towards it, even when I get herbs for him, he rejects them saying he doesn’t believe in taking drugs, I don’t get it at all.

We have a 2 year old son, which is making my decision to leave him even harder. I am so tempted to have sex with Joe, a brother in the choir, who out of control have told me of his feelings for me and I think I like him too, am beginning to loose regard for what’s holding me back.

Please oh what should I do? I need your prayers and advice.

Dear friend,
So sorry you married him because you were told he satifies women in bed, and becaue of that you rushed to grab him that now you are assured he is going to give you a good sex.

When you expect much and accept empty promises and Huck in to wrong reasons you will be trapped thereby.

I know as he is not doing well sexually, there must be areas Where he is doing well, and someone can’t be good in every part on life. Encourage him to take the drugs you bought for him.

There is more to Marriage than sex, if a man loves you, cares for you and your kids, takes care of your needs, I think there is no reason you should leave him. The ? Devil you know is far more better than the Angel you never know.

Beware, bewarened
Don’t allow those who have failed in their marital life to sing divorce song to you to accept.

Get our medicine for him to today. It maybe costly but very effective without side effects.


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