Two Mistake a Born Again should never make

  1. As a born again you should never forget to pray to God and not asking GOD for forgiveness during prayers or when you mistakenly commit sin.There are sins we commit that are not deliberate. We must always ask our FATHER to pardon us for such sins, HE will pardon us.
    HE is pleased with our humility. HE will forgive you and cleanse you.
  2. Also as a born again you should not let you should to stop you from having a good time with God. Remember your it not your effort that make you righteous it was the sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross of cavalry that make God gifted it to you.

Always remember to praise & show HIM great appreciations for prayers answered. This pleases HIM too, alot! I normally say “FATHER, I love you with all my heart. Thank you so much for all you have done for me


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